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Our Story

With a passion for creative design and a love of all things print. The aim here at COBO is to give our customers access to all the design services and printing options they could possibly need, all with one point of contact.

No need to spend hours searching for suppliers. We've all been there! Uploading your work in one of a million ways, in the right format, at the right size! Quietly wondering if the finished product will look as good as it should. Unsure if you really did understand the guidelines stuffed with technical jargon and colour values.

That's why we're here!

No need to worry about the difference between a JPEG and a PNG. Crop marks, image bleed and safe zones! 
Have you used the right paper or finish? 
Will you get consistency across all your products or printing?

We could go on, but you get the point!

Using a full-service design and print supplier like us allows you to spend your time focused on what you do best. Leave the rest to us!

​Whether you've been in business for years or you're just starting out. COBO is here to help. We always suggest the best products to fit your needs right now and we are always price competitive. 

Customers shoot ideas and queries our way all the time.
An idea, and I was wondering, or can this be done?
We love that!

That's the beauty of working with COBO we really can make most things happen. 

And the best bit...?
That idea or general wondering, 
That's the most work you need to do. 
We work out the rest, and in case you haven't guessed already. The answer 99.9% of the time is YES we sure can and here's how we are going to do it. 


What we don't produce from the studio here  in Somerset (which is a lot),
We use trusted and time-served colleagues and partners. That's on of the many benefits of our years in the  print and design trade. We get to know, and only work with people who really are the best at what they do!


It's not just a case of smashing in a Google search, finding an answer to your query and adding a markup! 

In the over 20 years we have enjoyed in this business, we have formed some lasting relationships with suppliers and fellow printers.

We're not your average online printer!
There is no VistaPrint here! 

We take great pride in providing a personalised service for each customer.  Getting to know the business and finding solutions to your print and design problems.

While we acknowledge there is a place for the do it yourself design and print market  model (and of course, we wouldn't turn down their kind of revenue)!

You do need to know what you are buying to make use of their kind of service. 

Let's be honest, do you really know the difference between a 300gsm bond board and a 450gsm Gloss? 
Should you have a matt laminate applied to your new business card?

More importantly, do you even have the time or interest to find all this out? 
You just want a business card for your next networking session right? What's with all the questions?

Rest assured though, if you do mess that online selection process up, you will have a business card you won't be getting out of your pocket to show anyone! 
But not when you work with COBO!

If you haven't already. Check out our website pages for all the design, printing and merchandise we do.
There is a gallery of our most recent work along side here, just to give you a flavour of some of our more recent projects and you can always check out our Instagram to see the rest of our gallery.

If you have looked around enough already and just want to have a chat.
Contact Us and let's see how we can help with your next design, print or merchandise project. 

We would love to have a natter about your next idea, thought or general wondering.

A Selection of branded merchandise and packing produced in Somerset by COBO Design, Print & Merch
Embroidered workwear for even the toughest of requirements. This branded sweatshirt for a Locoal garage is just one of many
Top quality business cards designed and printed in Somerset
Bespoke trailer wrap for an equestrian events trailer, designed by COBO Design, Print & Merch in Somerset
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