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Branded Merchandise in Somerset

Merchandise Design and Promo in Chard 

Enhance Your Brand Presence with our Custom Merchandise

Elevate your company's visibility at exhibitions, trade shows, and consumer events with promotional merchandise featuring your unique branding. Here at COBO we offer a diverse range of promotional items, from personalised mugs and printed cotton tote bags to eye-catching promotional pens.


Our extensive collection caters to various needs, whether you're gearing up for an event, targeting a specific audience or just looking to reward new or existing customers.

Printed cotton tote bags produced in Chard Somerset
Top quality company branded pens produced By COBO in Chard Somerset

Merch Options Tailored to you

Our  merchandise solutions go beyond ordinary giveaways, making a lasting impression on your audience.


No one knows your customers better than you. Give them the right selection of merchandise and it will prove its self as powerful marketing tool with the potential to provide year round advertising for you and your business.

We're here to help

We've been supplying branded merch for years.

From branded pens of all types to wall-planners and desk pads. Mugs and glasses, bags, beermats and much more besides.


 With our huge range of printed merchandise available there is something for every requirement. Our most popular products are listed below but you can get in touch anytime to have a chat about your ideas. We will get to know your customer base, develop your end goals and suggest just the right range of products to perfectly fit with you and your business.

Branded Biro with high-lighter tip produced by COBO Design | Print & Merch
Branded eco- friendly water-bottles in Chard Somerset
Branded torches, are a great useful giveaway for staff members and customer, Order yours now at COBO design, print and merch
Personalised tote and shopper bags in Chard Somerset

Eco-friendly and sustainable Merchandise options.

Long gone are the days of cheap plastic pens and tacky key rings!
Here at COBO we have a range of hundreds of different eco-friendly promotional products. 


Opting for eco-friendly promotional merchandise enables you to prioritise aspects of the product's origin, responsible sourcing practices, and the post-use possibilities for your customers. As well as knowing and showing you are doing your bit in to minimise the impact we have on the local and wider world we live in.

Eco-Friendly branded pens supplied by COBO Design | Print | Merch, Chard Somerset

Chard Merchandise Design and Printing

Here a just a few of the many  different products we can help you with when it comes to promotion of your business.

Don't forget there is also our range of

T-shirts and clothing to explore here.

Get in touch and let us help you create a lasting impression for your brand or business.

 A cost-effective way of promoting your business.

Our diverse selection of promotional pens, feature recycled plastic and metal options, alongside eco-friendly choices like bamboo.

Pens & Writing

Great for creating long-lasting brand visibility. Available in in a range of sizes and colours. Options include hard backed, ring-bound and fully recycled.

A popular product for all kinds of customers.

Notepads & Desk pads

Your company stays top of mind for your customers every single day.  Placed on a desk or at home, calendars and wall planners ensure you and your services are consistently present.

Calendars & Wallplanners

Promotional mugs and glasses stand out as one of the most popular merchandise items in the UK. Offering a practical and remarkably cost-effective giveaway solution. Options include ceramic & stainless steel as well as travel mugs and takeaway cups.

Mugs & Glasses

 A promotional bag of any kind is a fantastic way to draw attention. Branded with your logo, these bags essentially become mobile billboards, providing excellent advertising potential for your brand. 

Shopping & Tote Bags 

Branded water bottles are available in various styles and cater to a range of customer uses, making them a preferred promotional product for many businesses and they boast great eco credentials! 

Water bottles

While a branded torch may not be the first thing that comes to mind in terms of marketing materials, it proves to be an incredibly practical item. With your company’s logo prominently displayed, promotional torches provide functionality precisely when users need it the most.

Branded Torches

Whether it's cosy branded beanies or cool custom caps, hats adorned with your logo are an excellent means to enhance visibility for your company. Whether worn by your customers or colleagues, these hats make a stylish statement that carries your brand wherever they go.

Caps & Hats

Promotional jackets and body warmers are a cozy branded item. Perfect for keeping customers, colleagues or guests warm and dry during unexpected rain showers or inclement temperatures. Perfect for business who just can't count on the weather when out with clients.

Coats & Body Warmers

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