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Clothing Printing in Chard

Personalised polo shirts with custom prints or embroidered emblems for branding or personal use
Embroidered polo shirts displaying company logos, suitable for corporate uniforms or team apparel.
Personalized hoodies with custom prints or embroidered emblems for branding or personal use

Custom T-shirts & Embroidered Workwear

Custom-printed and embroidered T-shirts and Workwear.
Whether you're looking to showcase your style, produce T-shirts to sell or outfit your team in professional quality workwear, we've got you covered!

Planning a big event or outfitting your entire team?
Enjoy competitive prices on bulk orders without compromising on quality.

Printed t-shirts with vibrant designs, perfect for casual work environments or promotional events
Customised t shirts and hoodies featuring embroidered logos or designs for promotional giveaways or team uniforms

Workwear and T-shirt printing

With 1000's of product possibilities, everything from caps,
T-shirts, polos, hoodies, jackets and more . We have everything you need right here for a full clothing collection.

​Printing and embroidery options are available for all of our products and you can personalise your apparel any way you like.


With collections from all the major brands in the clothing and workwear market. There is something for every budget and style.

Safety gear and high visibility workwear

We understand the importance of staying safe on the job, and that's why we offer a comprehensive range of top-notch safety gear designed to keep you visible and protected in any working environment.

Our collection of high-visibility workwear, including jackets, trousers, gloves, T-shirts, hoodies and even beanies will provide the protection and visibility you need.

Durable work wear and safety wear with printed or embroidered logos, ideal for industrial or outdoor settings

Sustainable, Organic & Recycled Clothing

Here at COBO we are proud to offer a range of  sustainable and organic clothing and workwear. Offering you a more eco-friendly choice for your garment needs. 

We have an ever growing selection of products, there are sustainable options for most of our common clothing requests. Resulting in clothing that is kinder to the planet
as well as being the high quality required to make it into the COBO workwear range. 

Eco-friendly clothing printed or embroidered with your company logo or any custom design

T-shirts, clothing and workwear Frequently

Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are  asked about our Clothing and Workwear printing service.


If your answer is not here or you just want some more detailed information please contact us.

If you know what you want, or even if you don't the best way to start off your order is to Contact us. 
We can help you with any decisions right away and give you all the advise you need to get the perfect garment solution.

How do I order?

You sure can, as many or as few of our different items as you like. Better still many of our ranges carry the same colours across hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts and jackets.

Can I order a combination of different garment types?

There are lots of options for your print or logo placement. Our most popular locations are; front breast, front centre, sleeve, nape of neck back shoulders and back centre prints.

Do you offer printing on both sides of the T-shirt?

As a rule we tend not to offer the option to print on customer supplied products. All of the garments we use have been tested by us for suitability and performance life of printing etc. However, with access to so many options here. If you did want to supply a garment we are already familiar with, then thats totally fine.

Can I provide my own workwear?

Set up fees are always kept to a minimum and are a 1 off charge. Once we have your logo or image in the right format we can use it time after time with no extra charges. If you are having a garment printed and already have your logo in the correct format, no charge. Logo set up for embroidery is £10 (+VAT).

Is there a setup fee for the customisation process?

We don't like to hang around here at COBO our average turn around time on custom workwear and T-shirts is 7 working days. For less complex jobs or smaller orders this will be less. For larger, more complex orders a little more. Rest assured though we will let you know all of this at the time of quotation.

What is the turnaround time for customising workwear orders?

Here at COBO we supply and brand Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 certified workwear. We can supply you the details of each garments certification and care is taken to make sure any branding that is applied does not effect the class laws requirements.

What safety standards or certifications does your high visibility workwear adhere to?

Yes we do! Overalls, jackets and trousers are all available at COBO and conform to:
• EN ISO 11612 A1 + A2, B1, C1, E2 and F1.

• EN ISO 11611 class 1, A1 + A2.

• ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 APTV=11.2 CAL/CM2.

Do you offer flame-resistant garments?

Absolutely! What would custom workwear from COBO be if you couldn't make it individual for each person. Just let us know when you get in touch what you need and let us take care of the rest.

Can you accommodate special requests such as employee names?

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