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Hilton Herbs Natural Supplements for Animals
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Customer Spotlight:  Hilton Herbs Ltd.

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For the last 5 years COBO has been working with Hilton Herbs to
renew their packaging and brand identity as well as
promoting products.

Designing for an international brand
Hilton Herbs has been manufacturing animal supplements for over
0 years from their HQ in North Perrott, rural Somerset.
That said, the products are exported in over 30 countries worldwide
from the USA to the land of the rising sun, and most on mainland
Europe. These amazing large markets don’t come without their
challenges: rules and regulations vary from countries to countries,
languages variations, translations and cultural preferences.

Designing for an international brand means that not only the piece of design needs to be effective in the UK but it also needs to carry the brand’s identity across to other markets whilst making sure that it is not offensive to other cultures and comply with local laws.

What have we designed for Hilton Herbs so far:
Packaging, catalogues everything from the layout to the image choices, print and digital advertising layout and text. Magazine adverts, calendars, web banners, outdoor banners, pull up banners, trade stand backdrops, stickers, point of sales material (wobblers, shelf edges), labels, vehicle vinyl, signs.

Printing & Print management
We’re printers at heart. We love a solid piece of design and we’ve been designing for 15 years. Do you know what we love even more? It’s when we can take that design a step further and turn it into the best print possible.

Working with Hilton Herbs is a real all-rounder for us. We get to take a project from concept to reality. We’re supporting Hilton Herbs as a print a manager with some of their packaging suppliers, we’re supplying print ready artwork and we’re printing catalogues, point of sales material and packaging as well.

Sustainability has been at the heart of Hilton Herbs since we’ve started working together and their move from all plastic packaging to paper base bags was one of the major steps. We’ve also been sourcing our paper for catalogues and leaflets from FSC registered suppliers. Most of the inks used for the prints we supply are water based as well.

Printed for Hilton Herbs so far:
Outdoor banners, pull up banners, stickers, point of sales material (wobblers, shelf edges), packaging, catalogues, leaflets, vouchers, calendars, business cards.

Merchandising and clothing
As mentioned above, sustainability and carbon footprint are a concern for Hilton Herbs, so we try to use as many UK based suppliers as possible when it comes to merchandising. COBO offers a range of green clothing manufactured from natural fibres or recycled material. Regarding the emphasis with Hilton Herbs has always been to offer something useful to the person receiving the gift as well as something reusable or eco-friendly. We’ve all got a bowl or a drawer full of plastic tat given to us in a shop or a fair, no need to add to it!

Branded merchandising produced for Hilton Herbs so far:
Clothing (polo shirts, gilets, body warmers, jackets), aluminium water bottles, pens, notepads, torches, reusable travel mugs, reusable shopping bags.


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