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COBO we're here to help

The ongoing pandemic is having an impact on all of us and we are all entering a challenging period.

Here at COBO, we want to play our part in supporting people and businesses in any way we can. 

We've looked at what we can do and have come up with a selection of products we think will be the
most useful in these crazy times. We have heavily discounted these products and are making them 
all available on next day delivery at no extra cost.*

250 Flyers £33

500 Folded Leaflets £70

500 Circular Stickers £50

2m x 500mm Banner £26

2m x 1m Banner £35

Pull-up Banner £35

25 A4 Posters £25

50 A3 Posters £40

10 Fomex Signs £50

We have already seen some of the great innovations small business are using to secure their future,
supplying take away services, deliveries to customers and even take out pints if you bring your container.


Working with the people and businesses in our area has always been at the heart of what we do.
If there is anything you need, any ideas you have or printed products you need give us a shout.

*Terms & Conditions apply.